Small kitchens have space constraints. Small kitchens can get crazy. Small kitchens can feel like you have much to do, in very less space. Yet it also means you can use them to showcase your inherent creative skills in conjuring up enough storage space with what little you have. Find out 10 storage hacks that make it possible.

island kitchen

Kitchens, whether big or small are always bursting at the seams. Most homes face this lack of space, with utensils crowding countertops, large boxes of crockery stored haphazardly instead of being displayed and kitchen cleaning liquids and wipes piling up at one corner.

If you’re despairing over maximizing the use of a small cooking space, here are 10 clever hacks to make the most of storage.

1. Pots and pans are large, heavy and difficult to store. Fixing a pegboard discreetly behind the door (beautifully done in this kitchen at Apartment Therapy) to hang this and other essential utensils like spoons, graters and strainers can be a wonderful alternative.

storage hacks for kitchen

2. Kitchen cabinets always come planned, but sometimes don’t work out the way you envisioned. For large bottom cabinets that can pack in more, using stackable baskets (as seen in the kitchen from A Cultivated Nest) or collapsible shelves just might do the trick.

3. Undershelf baskets for upper cabinets also give more storage options (Image- Shelterness)

undershelf kitchen storage

4. For small kitchens, storage can be created from any available space. The most visible and accessible storage is found above the top cabinets. Additional bottles, extra groceries and grains, cookbooks, rarely used items, can be stored in neat baskets (like these pretty Burlap Bins created by Courtney for A Diamond in the Stuff) for easy access

5. You can also work additional storage above cabinets in lots of other ways, using different temporary or permanent storage options. You can either choose to decorate the space above cabinets with artwork as seen in this kitchen at Centsational, convert the space into an aesthetic wine cellar as done in this BHG kitchen or place wicker baskets over cabinets to store grains and other grocery (House of Turquoise)

wall paper collage

6. Cling wraps, foils, wrapping material are always required around the kitchen. Placing them in an organizer or file holder fixed on the insides of cabinet doors makes them easy to find, as seen in this kitchen from IKEA Hackers. These file holders can also be used to organize freezer shelves (Life Hack)

7. Cleaners, detergents and sprays can crowd under-sink cabinets or create spills. Hanging them on tension rods can help keep them in order.

8. Trash bags are another much needed, yet not easily stored item in the kitchen. Placing them in dispensors mounted to the under-sink cabinet will put that space to optimum use and make these bags easy to find. Learn how to make them at Simply Organized.

Kitchen storage hacks

9. Wet plates and cutlery can occupy much space on kitchen counters. Keeping them to dry on a wall-mounted dish drainer can also save some space. Image from stylist Sasa Antic, seen on My Paradissi.

10. Small kitchens don’t have space for an island. But placing a bar height table can more than make up for it, serving three purposes; extra counterspace, additional under-table space for storage and a small breakfast/dining counter in the kitchen for the family to dine in.

11. Instead of stacking plates, trays and baking sheets horizontally, stack them vertically by separating them with pantry dividers (as seen in Martha Stewart), creating more space on the shelf. Or make your own dividers with metal rods or wooden planks.

12. Adding a rail for hanging pots and pans (as seen in this kitchen on BHG) under the kitchen cabinet, also gives extra storage. Sliders with spice racks or hanging baskets also work in the same way.

13. For kitchens with lack of drawers, a magnetic strip can be used to hang knives from walls.

14. Often used items can be hung all around the place, on cabinet walls, behind the doors and even over a central island or table for easy access. These act as decor items as well as lending their rustic charm to the overall ambience. Kitchen image from Poppy Talk.

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